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Good Behavior – TNT series, seasons 1 and 2 (currently in production) A-cam/Steadi
Directors: Various
DPs: Elie Smolkin / Alejandro Martinez/ Brendan Galvin ISC/ Derek Tendall
Producers: Chad Hodges Michelle Dockery

The Sinner – A cam/Steadi
“The Sinner”/pilot
Universal cable Production
Producer/Writer Derek Simonds
Producer/ Jessica Biel
Director/ Antonio Campos
DP/ Jody Lee Lipes

Outcast – Fox series (B-cam/Steadi) Day Player
Director: Various
DP: Scott Kevan/ Evans Brown

Sleepy Hollow – Season 1, 2, 3 (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Various
DPs: B. Sokolsky ASC, J. Richter-Friis, T. Campbell, G.Keenan, J.Leonetti ASC, B.Labonge
Producer: 20th Century Fox Television

Mercy Street – Series (C-Cam/Steadi) Days
Director: Jeremy Webb
DP: Steven St. John
Producers: PBS

Under The Dome – Season 3 (A-Cam/Steadi) 2nd Unit
Director: Various
DP: Derek Tindall
Producer: CBS

Secrets And Lies – Pilot (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Charles Mcdougall
DP: Frank G. Demarco
Producer: ABC Studios

Homeland – Puerto Rico Unit (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
DPs: David Klein, Jeff Mygatt
Producer: Showtime Networks

Revolution – Season 1 (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Various
DPs: D. Moxness ASC CSC, D.Stockton ASC
Producers: Bad Robot, Warner Bros.

One Tree Hill – Series (A –Cam/Steadi) 78 Episodes
Director: Various
DP: Peter Kowalski
Producer: Warner Bros. Television

Vampire Diaries – Series (Day-play A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Joshua Butler
DP: Dave Perkal
Producers: Bonanza Prods, Warner Bros.

East Bound And Down – Pilot (Steadi)
Director: Jody Hill
DP: Amy Vincent ASC
Producer: HBO

Teen Spirit – TV Movie (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Gil Junger
DP: Dave Perkal ASC
Producers: EUE, Screen Gems Studios

Hornet’s Nest – TV Movie (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Millicent Shelton
DP: Krishna Rao
Producer: Head First Productions

Game Time – TV Movie (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: Douglas Barr
DP: Peter Benison CSC
Producer: Proctor & Gamble Productions

Playing With Guns – Pilot (B-Cam/ Steadi)
Director: Brian Robbins
DP: Clark Mathis ASC
Producer: Varsity Pictures


Bolden reshoots (steadicam)
King Bolden L.L.C.
Producer: Jon Cornick Michelle Taylor
Executive Producer: Leonard J. Loventhal Wyton Marsalis Ed Arrendell
Director/Writer : Dan Pritzker
DP: Neal Norton

When The Bough Breaks (A-Cam/Steadi)
Director: John Cassar
DP: David Moxness ASC CSC
Producers: Sony, Screen Gems

The Devils’s Hand (A-Cam Steadi)
Director: Christian E. Christiansen
DP: Frank Godwin
Producer: LD Entertainment

Good Old Fashioned Orgy (B-Cam Steadi)
Director: Alex Gregory
DP: John Thomas ASC
Producer: Endgame Entertainment

Nights In Rodanthe (Day-play/Steadi)
Director: George C. Wolf
DP: Affonso Beato ABC
Producers: Warner Bros, Village Roadshow

The Marc Pease Experience (Steadi)
Director: Todd Louiso
DP: Tim Suhrstedt ASC
Producer: Paramount Vantage

The Secret Life Of Bees (Steadi)
Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood
DP: Rogier Stoffers NSC
Producer: Fox Searchlight Pictures